Fellowship Initiative

The New York Choreographic Institute's Fellowship Initiative promotes new classical choreography. Up to five Fellowships will be awarded each year to Ballet Companies to support an emerging choreographer. The amount of the Fellowship will be determined by the submitted choreographic project, which will be defined as a workshop.

As the New York Choreographic Institute’s interest is in the process of choreography itself, the project will involve no costumes, scenery or lighting designs. Participating dancers will be members of the applying Ballet Company. The Ballet Company can propose a budget for the choreographic work to the New York Choreographic Institute up to $15,000. The workshop will culminate with an informal showing of the work created during the Fellowship. Once granted, the Fellowship must be completed within one year.

Application Deadline for the 2016-2017 Fellowships is Monday, March 7, 2016


Applications for the Fellowship Initiative will be made from the Artistic Director’s office in support of an emerging choreographer currently affiliated with the Ballet Company.
  • Artistic Directors, along with the proposed choreographer, will submit letters of intent as application for the Fellowship, including proposed dates of the Fellowship.
  • Proposed choreographer should submit a tape of previous choreographic work.
  • The Fellowship will cover the costs of a fee to the choreographer, dancer salaries, and a fee to the selected ballet company to offset additional costs (shoes, informal showing, and archival taping). A detailed budget must be submitted with the application for approval. The New York Choreographic Institute reserves the right to consult with the Ballet Company on the final amount granted.


If the Ballet Company wishes to provide commissioned music for the work, it will be solely responsible for the costs of commissioning and musical performance, if applicable. Please do not include these figures in the proposed budget.

At the conclusion of the Fellowship, the Ballet Company will provide the New York Choreographic Institute with a visual archival recording of the informal showing of the work which will become part of both the New York Choreographic Institute and the Ballet Company archives.

Following the conclusion of the Fellowship, Artistic Director, and choreographer must submit a description of the choreographic experience with guidelines to be provided by the New York Choreographic Institute, including budget back-up.

Please note: Choreographers who receive fellowships through their affiliated ballet companies from the New York Choreographic Institute may also apply to the New York Choreographic Institute sessions held in New York City. Artistic Directors who apply and/or receive fellowships may also continue to recommend choreographers for the New York Choreographic Institute sessions in New York City.

Send all application materials to:

Peter Martins
Artistic Director
New York Choreographic Institute
20 Lincoln Center Plaza
New York, NY 10023