Hallelujah Junction (Adams/Martins)
  A Place for Us (Previn, Bernstein/Wheeldon)
The Goldberg Variations (Bach/Robbins)

FEBRUARY 6 | buy tickets >

Returning after a seven-year hiatus, The Goldberg Variations is preceded by two acclaimed contemporary works for one night only. Hallelujah Junction, one of Martins’ most popular works, sends its dancers across the stage in waves punctuated by the gently hovering pas de deux at its center. Wheeldon’s A Place for Us highlights the interpersonal charisma of its two dancers, who at one point dart around and interact with shifting patterns of light. Robbins’ take on The Goldberg Variations pays homage to the architectural keyboard score of its namesake, seamlessly transitioning from formal dance and gesture to modern movements and attire, and then inversing the relationship.