Square Dance (Vivaldi, Corelli/Balanchine)
  The Steadfast Tin Soldier (Bizet/Balanchine)
  Le Tombeau de Couperin (Ravel/Balanchine)
  The Concert (Chopin/Robbins)

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Together Balanchine and Robbins created a repertoire that remains the standard for choreographers worldwide. Known for his love of all things American, Balanchine distilled square dancing to fit his neoclassical minimalism, retaining its effervescent joy in Square Dance. Based on Hans Christian Andersen's charming fairytale, The Steadfast Tin Soldier finds bittersweet romance between a paper doll ballerina and a smitten toy soldier. The eight couples of Le Tombeau de Couperin delight with their symmetrical patterns and playful interactions, and The Concert, a one-of-a-kind comedic ballet, concludes with a cast of quirky characters and their laugh-out-loud antics.