VIDEO: An Introduction to NYCB Art Series PRESENTING JR

Following the inaugural 2013 installation LES BALLETS DE FAILE, New York City Ballet was proud to collaborate with the French artist known as JR for the second annual Art Series. JR shared his Art Series installation — a massive trompe l'oeil rendering of an eye created with life-size photos of NYCB dancers on the floor of the Promenade and a large wheatpaste photo on the front windows of the David H Koch Theater — during three special performance evenings on January 23, February 7, and 13, 2014, when every seat in the house was available for just $29. On these evenings, every audience member received a takeaway created specifically for this event.

To inquire about any of the orchestra-level pieces of JR's photography mounted on reclaimed wood shown as part of the NYCB Art Series installation, please contact JR via his website.

Exhibiting freely in the streets of the world, JR catches the attention of people who are not typical museum visitors. His largest project to date, INSIDE OUT, was born in 2011 when JR won the TED prize and called for the creation of a global art project with the potential to change the world. Transforming messages of personal identity into public works of art, more than 172,000 people have taken part in nearly 8,600 locations around the world.

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