Toe Shoe Fund

Keeping the ballet in balance depends on excellence in every element.

When I joined New York City Ballet, I was allowed to special order my pointe shoe exactly to my specifications. I w ent to NYCB’s pointe shoe manufacturer, Freed of London, and met their fitter, who measured and analyzed my feet. When I got my first “special orders,” I felt that I was dancing in custom-made gloves. What an amazing feeling to open up a brand new bag of shiny pink shoes and see the name “Ringer” stamped on the bottom.

— Jenifer Ringer, Principal Dancer, New York City Ballet

New York City Ballet’s ballerinas are known for how quickly and intricately they move their feet to execute George Balanchine’s choreography. A year in pointe shoes costs New York City Ballet $600,000. A gift of $90 underwrites one pair and enrolls you in New York City Ballet's Membership Program.

Your gift to the Toe Shoe Fund ensures that every one of the 49 ballerinas in the Company feels at ease and confident each performance.

Please show your support by making a gift online towards these beautiful and essential tools that distinguish classical ballet from all other forms of dance.

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With a gift of $250 or more, we will be delighted to send you a pair of your very own signed pointe shoes with our heartfelt thanks! Please use "ToeShoeFund" as the special fund code when you donate.

For more information about the Toe Shoe Fund, please contact Member Services at (212) 870-5677 or email

Thank you for your generous support.