Choreography by: Peter Martins

Music by: Michael Torke

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Ash (1991)
June 20, 1991, New York City Ballet, New York State Theate
Original Cast
Wendy Whelan, Nilas Martins, Yvonne Borree, Rebecca Metzger, Monique Meunier, Kathleen Tracey, Albert Evans, Arch Higgins, Russell Kaiser, Ethan Stiefel

14 Min.
Costumes by
Steven Rubin
Lighting by
Mark Stanley

Set to a score that emphasizes motivic writing and brisk counterpoint between the string sections, Ash flows swiftly through a series of solo and ensemble variations for a lead couple and four pairs of demi-soloists. The ballet is an exuberant, nonstop exploration of the musical form known as a canon and requires virtuosic speed of its cast. The work is the fourth ballet created by Peter Martins to a score by Michael Torke.