Bet Ann's Dance

Choreography by: John Alleyne

Music by: Steal the Thunder by Jean Piché; Angels by Gary Kulesha

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Steal the Thunder (1984); Angels (1983)
May 29, 1992, 1992 Diamond Project, New York City Ballet, New York State Theater
Original Cast
Stacey Calvert, Kathleen Tracey, Simone Schumacher, Wendy Whelan, Jeffrey Edwards, Albert Evans, Lindsay Fischer, Nilas Martins

Of this ballet, John Alleyen said, "Ann is no one in particular, and the title doesn't really mean anything. I like odd titles and I've called some of my previous ballets Interogating Slam, Split House Geometric and Go Slow, Walter. This new one is a high-energy piece that's an exploration of the company's dancers and my mind."