The Concert (or, The Perils of Everybody)

Choreography by: Jerome Robbins

Music by: Frédéric Chopin

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Polonaise "Militaire"; Berecuse, op. 57; Preleude, op. 28, no. 18; Prelude, op. 28, no. 16; Waltz in E Minor; Prelude, op. 28, no. 7; Prelude, op. 28, no. 4; Mazurka in G Major; Ballade, op. 47, no. 3
March 6, 1956
Original Cast
Tanquil Le Clercq, Todd Bolender, Yvonne Mounsey, Robert Barnett, Wilma Curley, John Mandia, Shaun O'Brien, Patricia Savoia, Richard Thomas

29 Min.
Costumes by
Irene Sharaff
Set by
Jean Rosenthal (1956); Saul Steinberg (1971)
Lighting by
Jean Rosenthal (1956); Ronald Bates (1971)

<em>The Concert</em>, a one-of-a-kind comedic ballet, portrays a cast of quirky characters and their laugh-out-loud antics.<br />

<object codetype="CMSInlineControl" type="widget"><param name="disableviewstate" value="False" /><param name="useupdatepanel" value="False" /><param name="name" value="VideoPlayerWidget" /><param name="launchimage" value="%7e%2fNYCB%2fmedia%2fNYCBMediaLibrary%2fImages%2fVideoThumbnails%2fRep%252520Trailer%252520Thumbnails%2fThe-Concert-Rep-Trailer-Overlay.png%3fwidth%3d485%26height%3d272%26ext%3d.png" /><param name="videopath" value="bd7163b4-7efa-40ee-b535-0be8e48c56e1" /><param name="image_guid" value="25d9f8a8-e595-405d-8ba0-cf73cd422daf" /><param name="visible" value="True" /><param name="launchtype" value="image" /><param name="disablemacros" value="False" /><param name="widget_displayname" value="Video+Player" /><param name="width" value="" /><param name="height" value="" /></object><br /> <br /> One of the pleasures of attending a concert is the freedom to lose oneself in listening to the music. Quite often, unconsciously, mental pictures and images form, and the patterns and paths of these reveries are influenced by the music itself, or its program notes, or by the personal dreams, problems, and fantasies of the listener. Chopin&rsquo;s music in particular has been subject to fanciful &ldquo;program&rdquo; names such as the &ldquo;Butterfly&rdquo; Etude, the &ldquo;Minute&rdquo; Waltz, the &ldquo;Raindrop&rdquo; Prelude, etc.<br /> <br /> &ndash; Jerome Robbins<br /> <h5> <br /> <span style="color:#000000;"><strong>VIEW A SLIDESHOW OF IMAGES FROM <em>THE CONCERT</em> &gt;</strong></span></h5> <object codetype="CMSInlineControl" type="widget"><param name="slideshowpath" value="4ca91a32-19bf-46ee-8b9a-04922865ad15" /><param name="useupdatepanel" value="False" /><param name="name" value="SlideshowWidget" /><param name="launchimage" value="%7e%2fNYCB%2fmedia%2fNYCBMediaLibrary%2fImages%2fSlideshowThumbnails%2fBalletDetail%2ftheconcert-slideshow-thmb.jpg%3fwidth%3d482%26height%3d272%26ext%3d.jpg" /><param name="image_guid" value="e42ee8ec-22cd-48f9-9ce1-3a2dbc91f6c2" /><param name="visible" value="True" /><param name="launchtype" value="image" /><param name="disableviewstate" value="False" /><param name="disablemacros" value="False" /><param name="widget_displayname" value="Slideshow" /><param name="width" value="" /><param name="height" value="" /></object>