Choreography by: Peter Martins

Music by: Richard Strauss

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Songs for Soprano and Orchestra (performed in the following order): Waldseligkeit, Op. 49, no. 1; Zueignung, Op.10, no. 1*; Ruhe, meine Seele!, Op. 27, no. 1*; Wiegenlied, Op. 41, no. 1; Das Rosenband, Op. 36, no. 1, Freundliche Vision, Op. 48, no.1; Befreit, Op. 39, no. 4; Cäcilie, Op. 27, no. 2, Winterweihe, Op. 48, no. 4*; Morgen!, Op.27, no. 4

*orchestrated by Mack Schlefer
May 10, 2001, New York City Ballet, New York State Theater
Original Cast
Darci Kistler, Jock Soto, Janie Taylor, Nilas Martins, Jared Angle, Jenifer Ringer

35 Min.
Costumes by
Carolina Herrera, Supervised by Marc Happel (2014); Alain Vaës (2001)
Set by
Alain Vaës
Lighting by
Mark Stanley

Morgen’s three couples drift through a lakeside scene dancing a series of romantic pas de deux accented by complex turns and daring lifts, while exchanging partners in their search for romance.

Performed to 10 songs for soprano and orchestra by composer Richard Strauss, Peter Martins’ Morgen ('tomorrow' or 'morning' in German) was created for New York City Ballet in 2001. Featuring three couples, the ballet is an atmospheric exploration of various aspects of love, and is set in a haunting landscape of classical columns created by designer Alain Vaes.