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Saturday May 23, 2015 8:00 PM

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19th-century dancer/choreographer August Bournonville created a national tradition of ballet in his native Denmark, leaving several of the world’s most famous works and a style of dance known for its sheer joy.

  • Location:

  • David H. Koch Theater
  • Running Time:

  • 2 Hr. 15 Min.


  • Bournonville Divertissements

    • Music by: Edvard Helsted, S. Holger Paulli
    • Choreography by: August Bournonville Originally staged by Stanley Williams Staged by Nilas Martins
    • Principal Casting:
      May 7: Erica Pereira*, Allen Peiffer*, Sara Mearns*, Tyler Angle*, Rebecca Krohn*, Megan LeCrone*, Lauren Lovette*, Lauren King*, Adrian Danchig-Waring*, Amar Ramasar*, Anthony Huxley* (*first time in role)
      May 12: Sara Adams*, Taylor Stanley*, Sara Mearns, Tyler Angle, Emilie Gerrity*, Kristen Segin*, Indiana Woodward*, Sarah Villwock*, Peter Walker*, Aaron Sanz*, Harrison Ball* (*first time in role)
      May 16 Mat: Sara Adams, Taylor Stanley, Ashly Isaacs*, Zachary Catazaro*, Emilie Gerrity, Kirsten Segin, Indiana Woodward, Sarah Villwock, Peter Walker, Aaron Sanz, Harrison Ball (*first time in role)
      May 16 Eve: Georgina Pazcoguin*, Troy Schumacher*, Teresa Reichlen*, Ask la Cour*, Sara Adams*, Brittany Pollack*, Meagan Mann*, Ashly Isaacs*, Russell Janzen*, Andrew Scordato*, Joseph Gordon* (*first time in role)
      May 17: Erica Pereira, Allen Peiffer, Teresa Reichlen, Ask la Cour, Rebecca Krohn, Megan LeCrone, Lauren Lovette, Lauren King, Adrian Danchig-Waring, Amar Ramasar, Anthony Huxley

    A collection of highlights from the fleet-footed Bournonville repertoire, Bournonville Divertissements provides a parade of principal roles, including the famous Flower Festival pas de deux.

  • La Sylphide (NYCB Premiere)

    • Music by: Herman Severin Løvenskjold
    • Choreography by: August Bournonville, staged by Peter Martins
    • Principal Casting:
      May 7, 17: Sterling Hyltin*, Joaquin De Luz*, Brittany Pollack*, Daniel Ulbricht*, Georgina Pazcoguin*, Marika Anderson* (*first time in role)
      May 12, 16 Mat: Ashley Bouder*, Andrew Veyette*, Megan LeCrone*, Joseph Gordon*, Marika Anderson*, Gwyneth Muller* (*first time in role)
      May 16 Eve: Tiler Peck*, Gonzalo Garcia*, Faye Arthurs*, Harrison Ball*, Gwyneth Muller*, Marika Anderson* (*first time in role)

    The romantic classic La Sylphide is a story of passion and unrequited love featuring an alluring fairy and a diabolical witch.

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