Bournonville Divertissements

Choreography by: August Bournonville Originally staged by Stanley Williams Staged by Nilas Martins

Music by: Edvard Helsted, S. Holger Paulli

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Excerpts from Napoli (1842) by S. Holger Paulli, Flower Festival in Genzano by Edvard Helsted, and Abdallah (1848) by S. Holger Paulli
February 3, 1977, New York City Ballet, New York State Theater
NYC Ballet Original Cast
Nichol Hlinka, Daniel Duell, Patricia McBride, Helgi Tomasson, Merrill Ashley, Robert Weiss, Kyra Nichols, Suzanne Farrell, Peter Martins, Colleen Neary, Adam Luders, Victor Castelli, Muriel Aasen, Wilhelmina Frankfort, Heather Watts, Bart Cook
41 Min.
Costumes by
Ben Benson (after original designs)
Set by
Alain Vaes (from 1987), Garden Drop by David Mitchell
Lighting by
Ronald Bates; Mark Stanley (1987)

A collection of highlights from the fleet-footed Bournonville repertoire, Bournonville Divertissements provides a parade of principal roles, including the famous Flower Festival pas de deux.

Noted 19th-century choreographer and dancer August Bournonville (1805-79), created many of the lasting works in the repertory of the Royal Danish Ballet. His distinctive style is noted for its precision, neatness, lightness, and gaiety. It is filled with bouncy jumps, speedy footwork, small quick steps, and beats done while the upper body is held still. George Balanchine had been a great admirer of Bournonville's work ever since he was a guest choreographer at the Royal Danish Theater in the 1930-31 season. The late Stanley Williams of the School of American Ballet was a respected authority on Bournonville, and he assembled some of the choreographer's finest dances in this divertissement, including excerpts from Napoli (1842), Kermess in Bruges (1851), La Ventana (1856), Flower Festival in Genzano (1858), and A Folk Tale (1854). The current production, staged by Nilas Martins, includes Napoli, Flower Festival in Genzano, and Abdallah (1855).