Commission Initiative Application

The New York Choreographic Institute is pleased to announce a new initiative to support emerging choreographers who have been commissioned by a ballet company to create a new ballet to be presented on stage during their 2020-2021 season. This grant will provide the choreographer with studio time with a few selected dancers outside of the prescribed rehearsal period provided by the ballet company. This time can be used to experiment with ideas for the new ballet or to work out specific elements of the ballet. It is for the choreographer to have what we hope will be valuable time to further solidify their creative process. The amount of the grant, which can be up to $15,000, will be determined by a submitted application.  Once granted, the studio time must be completed within one year.

APPLICATION DEADLINE is Monday, May 4, 2020
  • Applications for the grant will be made from the Artistic Director’s office in support of an emerging classical choreographer who has been commissioned to create a new ballet.
  • Artistic Directors, along with the choreographer, will submit short letters of explanation of how the additional time would be used as application for the grant, including a brief description of the ballet, proposed dates for the studio work, date of the premiere of the new ballet, music, and the number of dancers the choreographer would work with in the studio during this time.
  • Proposed choreographer will submit a resume.
  • The grant will cover dancer salaries and a fee to the selected ballet company to offset additional costs, including shoes and piano accompaniment during the studio time. A detailed budget must be submitted with the application for approval. The Institute reserves the right to consult with the ballet company on the final amount granted.
  • The choreographic work must be in the process of creation and developed by the choreographer.
  • The ballet company will provide the Institute with a visual archival recording of the completed staged work which will become part of the Institute’s archives.
  • Following the conclusion of the time period, the choreographer will submit a brief description how s/he used the additional studio time.
The grant is not to underwrite a portion of the rehearsal period, but to add time to the choreographer’s creative process for experimentation.
Send all application materials to:
New York Choreographic Institute
New York City Ballet
20 Lincoln Center Plaza
New York, NY 10023