Sessions Application

The work of the New York Choreographic Institute takes place year-round. The primary focus is on two working sessions — one in the fall and one in the spring — that provide choreographers with uninterrupted time and studio space, and allow dancers to experiment with different ideas, approaches, choreographic techniques, and music.

The following benefits are provided for session participants:
  • Travel, accommodation, and per diem.
  • Two-week rehearsal period in New York City Ballet Studios.
  • Approximately three hours per day with dancers, either NYCB dancers (fall) or advanced students from the School of American Ballet (spring).
  • Lighting Design Lab at New York University, which covers the elements of lighting design and how the choreographer and lighting designer relationship works.
  • Informal showings of works-in-progress and/or demonstrations of different experimental approaches (invited audience only, no press).

Fall Session

The Institute and the NYU Department of Design for Stage and Film have partnered to give the participating fall session choreographers the experience of working with designers to envision what their piece might look like if production elements were realized. It also enables recent design alumni interested in further work in dance to build collaborative relationships with choreographers.  Each choreographer in the fall session works with a costume and lighting designer to create concepts and renderings of the costume and lighting designs, which are presented at the showing. The designers attend rehearsals and meet with the choreographers on a daily basis. As with the choreography, this is a laboratory for conversation and experimentation.

Spring Session 

The Institute and the Juilliard School have had a working partnership since 2003. The spring session gives the participating choreographers the opportunity to work with a composer on the development of a new score, which is used in creating the choreography made during the session. Composers periodically send pieces of the proposed compositions to their choreographer in the weeks leading up to the session. After a process of conversation and experimentation, the full score is sent prior to the choreographers beginning their work at the Institute. These collaborations provide a laboratory that challenges the artists to discuss their ideas and try new approaches. The choreographers and composers present their works at the informal showing accompanied by live music performed by students and recent graduates of the Juilliard School. 

Application Deadline for the 2020-2021 Sessions is Monday, December 9, 2019

Inquiries may be addressed to or call 212-870-4060



Resum├ęs, including a summary of relevant ballet experience, a letter of intent, and a DVD or YouTube/Vimeo link containing no more than 15 minutes of selected choreography should be sent to:

New York Choreographic Institute
New York City Ballet
20 Lincoln Center Plaza
New York, NY 10023

Or by email to

Announcements soliciting applications are sent to the artistic directors of ballet companies and other dance organizations worldwide, as well as to former New York City Ballet dancers who are regularly engaged in staging ballets for other companies and may be in a position to recommend candidates.

Announcement of the program also appears in key dance publications — including Dance Magazine, Pointe, Dancing Times, and Ballettanz — so that all interested in participating have the opportunity to apply.



Application materials are screened and evaluated by the artistic staff of the Institute. Candidates are selected on the basis of their talent, experience and knowledge using classical ballet idiom. Selected choreographers are invited to participate in one of two sessions, either the fall session with NYCB dancers or the spring session with School of American Ballet dancers. The applicants will be notified by July 1st of the year of application.