Spring 2018 Session



The Institute's two-week spring session began on Monday, March 5, pairing three choreographers with three composers from the Juilliard School. The composers and choreographers worked in the months prior to the session to create original compositions. Participating dancers were advanced students from the School of American Ballet.



In 2003, the New York Choreographic Institute formed a partnership with the Juilliard School. Together, the two organizations have paired over 30 composers from Juilliard with emerging Institute choreographers from around the world, creating new music for works in process. 
In the months leading up to the Institute session, composers sent pieces of the working compositions to their choreographers as part of the creative process. Eventually, a full draft of the score was sent to the choreographers weeks prior to their arrival at the Institute. When asked about the partnership, choreographer Kaloyan Boyadjiev stated: "In the beginning, I was skeptical about the collaboration with the composer. That feeling quickly changed after the first few Skype calls with my composer Will Healy. We had very healthy conversations with mutual understanding and at the end it was a great collaboration." 
These collaborations provided a laboratory for conversation and experimentation, challenging artists to discuss their ideas and try new approaches based on the style and tendencies of their collaborators. Choreographer Norbert De La Cruz stated that the process required them "to have mutual respect for each other's work, making sure that the choices and decisions that were made, for example the length, modifications, and abbreviations of the music or the dance, did not violate anyone's artistic integrity." 

Photo © Rosalie O'Connor

Traces: Norbert De La Cruz partnered with Juilliard composer Nathan Prillaman for the 2nd time. They worked together during the Spring 2017 Session as well.

Photo © Rosalie O'Connor

Down The Road: Kaloyan Boyadjiev, a Principal Dancer with the Norwegian National Ballet, partnered with Juilliard composer Will Healy. 

Photo © Rosalie O'Connor

Acknowledgement: Royal Danish Ballet dancer Nathan Compiano partnered with Juilliard composer Zachary Green.



An informal showing in NYCB's studios with an invited audience concluded the 2018 Spring Session on March 16. The choreographers and their casts gathered to show their works along with live music performed by students and recent graduates of the Juilliard School.
Choreographer  Nathan Compiano  commented on his experience saying: "For me, one of the main highlights of the Institute was experiencing the dress rehearsals and performances. Seeing how both the audience and dancers reacted to my vision was exhilarating. It revealed to me which aspects of my work were the strongest and which ones were in need of improvement. Additionally, the second half of the rehearsal period was of great enjoyment. Enough material had been created by that point and I could see the work starting to take shape."



Down The Road 




NYCI Rehearsal and Performance Images © Rosalie O'Connor



The NYCI 2018 Fall Session will take place from October 24 - November 2 with three new choreographers. 
Photo © Paul Kolnik 

Preston Chamblee
New York City Ballet

Photo © Christina Riley 

Sophie Laplane
Scottish Ballet 

Photo © Marc Witmer

Mari Meade 
Freelance Choreographer



Commission Initiative Grants for 2018-19 were awarded to Boston Ballet and choreographer Matthew Slattery and Eugene Ballet and choreographer Suzanne Haag. 

Photo courtesy of Boston Ballet   Photo courtesy of Eugene Ballet