Project Ballet

Jan–May 2016
Program: ten in-school workshops, teacher professional development session, lecture demonstration, NYCB student matinee performance
Grade levels: 3rd – 5th grade
Cost: $650 per class

Engage students through New York City Ballet’s dynamic choreography, and invite them to learn about inspiration as a vehicle for creating art. By examining iconic works by George Balanchine and Jerome Robbins, as well as contemporary pieces, students will be challenged to think critically, act creatively, and engage collaboratively as they learn how to choreograph their own group dances. NYCB Teaching Artists lead ten in-school movement workshops that focus on the creative process, culminating in a presentation of student generated choreography. Students also attend a lecture demonstration and a live performance at Lincoln Center.

I think one of the major changes I noticed was my students coming out of their shells. Even the shyest girl or the most sporty boy blossomed as they tried to create their own ballet routine for the class performances at the end of the residency. — 5th Grade Teacher, Queens


Photo © Rosalie O'Connor