Ballet Bridges Elementary School

Grades: 3 – 5
Cost: $800 per class
Dates: January - May
Includes: 13 In-School Workshops, One Professional Development Session, Lecture Demonstration, NYCB Student Matinee Performance

During the Ballet Bridges Elementary School residency, NYC public schools committed to dance education have the opportunity to foster students’ appreciation for ballet and understand its value as a form of communication, bridging the connection between dance and other academic disciplines. Participating classes learn the fundamentals of ballet and attend a Lecture Demonstration as well as a live NYCB performance. NYCB Teaching Artists lead 13 in-school workshops that focus on discovery, exploration, analysis, and creation using elements of music and movement, culminating in a performance of student choreographic work.

Some of my kids said that the ballet gave them confidence. There were kids who were very shy and uncomfortable, that just blossomed from this experience. I had the kids write statements about their ballet experience. The feedback was incredible. They recognized how this program enriched and helped them to overcome stage fright, fears and challenges. - 5th grade teacher, PS 81X


Photo © Rosalie O'Connor