Ballet Tales

Grades: 1 – 2
Cost: $500 per class
Dates: October – December
Includes: Eight In-School Workshops, One Professional Development Session, NYCB Student Matinee Performance

During the Ballet Tales residency, students explore dance as a form of communication through the integration of writing and movement activities. Participating classes write their own story and work with a NYCB Teaching Artist to transform their written words to movement over the course of eight in-school workshops. Students learn the importance of elements such as character, setting, and plot in both writing and dance. Ballet Tales contributes to a greater understanding of how storytelling through dance can transcend the components of text, movement and music, culminating in a performance of student choreographic work. Participating classes attend a live performance of George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker™.

 Ballet Tales was a wonderful opportunity to build a stronger community and allow our children to move around artistically. They were able to take ownership of their dance moves, so it was neat to see how empowered they felt when their dance move was selected for a particular character. - 2nd grade teacher, PS 58K


Photo © Rosalie O'Connor