Frequently Asked Questions

Enrollment and Payment

How can my school apply for a NYCB residency program?
To apply for a NYCB residency program, a representative from your school (Principal, Assistant Principal, Arts Liaison, or Classroom Teacher) should complete the application form. Upon receipt of your completed form, a NYCB Education staff member will email you regarding your school’s application status.

How many classes can participate in a NYCB residency program?
The minimum enrollment for all of our programs is two classes.

What are the program fees?
The per class fees are $500 (Ballet Tales), $450 (The Nutcracker Project), $650 (Project Ballet). The fees are inclusive of all program events.

What methods of payment are accepted?
NYCB accepts payment in the form of a personal check, school check, or purchase order. Please make checks or purchase orders out to New York City Ballet and send to:

New York City Ballet Education Department
Samuel B. & David Rose Building, 8th Floor
70 Lincoln Center
New York, NY 10023-6579
Attn: Manager, School Programs

When will my school find out if we have been accepted?
 We will review applications on a first-come, first-served basis and will begin to notify School Contacts of their school’s acceptance over the summer.

My school has been accepted. Now what?
A link to our School Programs Enrollment Form will be enclosed in your acceptance email. This form provides us with class roster, teacher contact, and school transportation information. After receiving a completed Enrollment Form, a NYCB Education staff member will email your School Contact a program invoice and a Letter of Agreement. By signing the Letter of Agreement and sending in the residency payment, you are confirming your school’s enrollment in the program. Residencies cannot begin if we are missing either of these documents.

Some roster and class information has changed since I completed the Enrollment Form. What should I do?
It is the School Contact’s responsibility to notify NYCB Education staff of any changes that may affect the residency, including the addition of a new teacher, change in class size, etc.


Professional Development Sessions

I participated in a NYCB residency program last year. Do I have to attend the PD this year?
Yes, every participating classroom teacher is required to attend the professional development sessions regardless of past participation in the program. It is the school's responsibility to secure the coverage of each participating classroom teacher's classes.

Where are NYCB PDs held and how do I get there?
All NYCB PDs are held in the NYCB Rehearsal Studios in the Samuel B. & David Rose Building, 70 Lincoln Center (65th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam), 8th floor.


NYCB History and Other Company Information

Where can I learn more about the history of NYCB?
To learn more about NYCB’s history, see the NYCB chronology. Visit the Explore section of our website to learn more about George Balanchine (NYCB Co-Founder and Founding Choreographer), Lincoln Kirstein (NYCB Co-Founder), Jerome Robbins (NYCB Founding Choreographer).

Where can I learn more about NYCB today?
To learn more about NYCB and its current Company members, visit the Dancers section of our website to meet the dancers and view behind the scenes videos.