Walpurgisnacht Ballet (Gounod)
Sonatine (Ravel)
 La Valse (Ravel)
 Symphony in C (Bizet)

From colorfully impressionistic to bright and precise, Balanchine was drawn to impassioned French music. Walpurgisnacht Ballet is a rippling of neoclassical choreography, ending with a surging climax that sends its ballerinas soaring across the stage. More demure is the refined simplicity and emotional interactions of the rarely seen Sonatine, evoking the elegance of the French artists on which it was made. In his notes on La Valse Ravel wrote, "We are dancing on the edge of a volcano," and Balanchine fashioned a moody and mysterious world to compliment the composer's seductive melodies. Upon discovering a long-lost Bizet score, Balanchine took only two weeks to choreograph the neoclassical masterpiece Symphony in C, which dazzles with dozens of dancers.

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