Subscription Packages

Select a standard package to attend performances on the same day of the week with the same seats, or a flex package to suit your tastes and schedule.


Place your order below, by phone at 212-496-0600, or by returning an order form. For quick reference, download the 2019-20 Season brochuresubscription package booklet, and calendars:

Fall 2019
Winter 2020
Spring 2020

STANDARD PACKAGES Three to eight performances, always on the same day of the week at the same time. Available through August 16, 2019.

Already a Subscriber?

The renewal deadline has passed. If you are interested in renewing your subscription package, please call 212-496-0600 and an associate can assist with securing the best available seating.

New Subscriber?

Standard Packages are no longer available for new subscriptions. You can still join us for the 19-20 Season by creating a Flex Package using the option on the right.



Offering the most flexibility, create your own package by selecting any three or more dates. Available throughout the season.