The curtain rises on a stage resplendent with brilliant gems, and you feel a collective gasp around you. 

Jewels is an exquisite beauty, impressively layering the music of three disparate composers and marrying each section to its own precious stone for an opulent experience. It is a masterpiece in a league of its own: the world’s first-ever plotless full-length ballet.

Inspired by a visit to Van Cleef & Arpels, Balanchine linked each section to a precious stone through music and movement. Emeralds floats at Fauré’s mesmerizing pace, evoking an underwater setting, while Rubies races like lightning through Stravinsky’s jazz-inflected piano capriccio. With its symphonic Tschaikovsky score, Diamonds venerates the order and regality of Imperial Russia — a magnificent climax to a grand display.

Saturday May 24 Eve
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Sunday, May 25
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