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Keeping the ballet in balance depends on excellence in every element.

“[Diamonds] is probably one of my favorite costumes now.  It’s very heavy.  There are so many jewels, they weigh a lot, and they sit right on your chest.  But when you put on a Diamonds sort of costume, you become a different person. You come in as a girl from Kentucky ... then, when you get to put the costume on, you enter a whole other level and become a very special creature.

Wendy Whelan, Former Principal Dancer, New York City Ballet

In a typical year, the Company uses over 500 costumes spanning as many as 50 performances.  In the NYCB Costume Shop, 18 full-time employees attend to the building, construction, trimming, and fitting of each of these costumes. A separate Wardrobe team of 16 members maintains, cleans, and stores the costumes for every performance. A single tutu routinely costs as much as $5,000 and hundreds of hours to construct.

Please show your admiration for New York City Ballet’s wearable works of art and the talented people who create them.  Be sure to write "Costume" in the Special Fund Code in the Giving Options section on the Donate page. A gift of $90 or more enrolls you in New York City Ballet’s Membership Program.

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