Bach Concerto V

Choreography by: Peter Martins

Music by: Johann Sebastian Bach

Peter Martins has choreographed a gentle ode to the formal, stately manners, proprieties, and structure of classical ballet. Ever-shifting patterns for groups of dancers serve as the background for a principal couple and two soloists who display the courtly regality and gestures that give classical dance its special refinement and flavor. Their genteel presentation of how a ballerina and her partner relate to each other and an audience eloquently speaks to their special bond and the relationship they forge with the viewer. One can imagine such a dance in a grand ballroom of a Renaissance palace.

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Keyboard Concerto No. V in F minor
May 8, 2002, 2002 Diamond Project, New York City Ballet, New York State Theater
Original Cast
Darci Kistler, Jock Soto, Amanda Edge, Lindy Mandradjieff

10 Min.
Costumes by
Emilio Sosa
Lighting by
Mark Stanley