Choreography by: Peter Martins

Music by: Richard Strauss

Compositions by Strauss, Béla Bartók and Igor Stravinsky lifted 18th century burlesque from musical farce to a dignified vocal and instrumental form. Peter Martins’ ballroom choreography for two lead and five corps couples illustrates both harmony and contrast to the tempo of Richard Strauss’ Burleske. The work’s pas de deux feature flexed-knee pirouettes for the ballerina and intricate, fast-paced partnering. The ballet, which premiered on Valentine’s Day 2001, concludes with a romantic surprise.

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Burleske for Piano and Orchestra (1885-86)
February 14, 2001, New York City Ballet, New York State Theater
NYC Ballet Original Cast
Darci Kistler, Janie Taylor, Peter Boal, Jared Angle
21 Min.
Costumes by
Carole Divet
Lighting by
Mark Stanley