Concerti Armonici

Choreography by: Peter Martins

Music by: Unico Wilhelm Graf van Wassenaer

Complex patterns and intricate partnering hallmark this birthday offering in honor of George Balanchine. Five of Count van Wassenaer's Concerti Armonici in varied tempi accompany the dancers. Two principal couples thread through the 18 member corps, weaving a horizontal and diagonal stage embroidery. A male trio and the first principal couple perform fast-paced variations. In contrast, the second pas de deux is slow, tender and passionate, highlighted by exquisite lifts. Partners repeat or reverse each other's steps in both adagios. An ebullient finale concludes this beautifully structured ballet. The music for Concerti Armonici was originally thought to be composed by Giovanni Pergolesi, but was later attributed to Unico Wilhelm Graf van Wassenaer.

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Concertino I in G Major; Concertino II in G Major; Concertino VI in Eb Major, Concertino III in A Major; Concertino V in Bb Major (1725-40) by Unico Wilhelm Graf van Wassenaer.
January 22, 1998, New York City Ballet, New York State Theater
Original Cast
Margaret Tracey, Wendy Whelan, Nikolaj Hübbe, Philip Neal

29 Min.
Costumes by
William Ivey Long
Lighting by
Mark Stanley