The Decalogue

Choreography by: Justin Peck

Music by: Sufjan Stevens (Comissioned by New York City Ballet)

Building on an already popular partnership, indie stalwart Stevens’ commissioned score for solo piano lays the groundwork for Peck’s 10-dancer ensemble ballet, their third NYCB collaboration following Year of the Rabbit (2012) and Everywhere We Go (2014).

Justin Peck’s The Decalogue is set to a piano score by Sufjan Stevens, the composer’s second commission for New York City Ballet. The ballet for 10 dancers features costumes by Peck and lighting by Jennifer Tipton.

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The Decalogue, Commissioned by New York City Ballet
May 12, 2017, New York City Ballet, David H. Koch Theater
Original Cast
Kristen Segin, Claire Kretzschmar, Rachel Hutsell, Rebecca Krohn, Sara Mearns, Aaron Sanz, Daniel Applebaum, Gonzalo Garcia, Jared Angle, Harrison Coll

22 Min.
Costumes by
Justin Peck, Supervised by Marc Happel
Lighting by
Jennifer Tipton