Episodes and Sarcasms

Choreography by: Richard Tanner

Music by: Sergei Prokofiev

A work of contrasting moods and spirits, Episodes and Sarcasms opens with an energetic all-male ensemble; the second half of the ballet is full of inventive solos, duets and unusual partnering. Prokofiev's music — a series of short piano pieces composed before World War I — was considered shocking when it premiered. The influence of several George Balanchine works (Apollo, Episodes, Square Dance) is clearly evident.

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Episodes, Op. 12 and Sarcasms, Op. 17
May 31, 1994, The Diamond Project II, New York City Ballet, New York City Ballet
Original Cast
Ben Huys, Ethan Stiefel, Aura Dixon, Janey McGeary, Teresa Reyes, Robert Lyon, James Fayette, Tom Gold, Alexander Ritter, Christopher Wheeldon

25 min.