Filling Station

Choreography by: Lew Christensen

Music by: Virgil Thomson, commissioned by Ballet Caravan. Scenario by Lincoln Kirstein.

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Filling Station (1937)
January 6, 1938, Ballet Caravan, Avery Memorial Theater, Hartford, CT
NYC Ballet Premiere
May 12, 1953, City Center of Music and Drama
Original Cast
Lew Christensen, Douglas Coudy, Eugene Loring, Harald Christensen, Marjorie Moore, Jane Doering, Marie-Jeanne, Fred Danielli, Erick Hawkins, Todd Bolender

NYC Ballet Original Cast
Jacques D'Amboise, Robert Barnett, Edward Bigelow, Stanley Zompakos, Shaun O'Brien, Edith Brozak, Janet Reed, Michael Maule, Walker Georgov, John Mandia