I Have My Own Room

Choreography by: Robert La Fosse

Music by: Eve Beglarian

"The ballet begins and ends with solos for me. [In one movement there] are one-minute sequences for 13 other people. But their order will be determined afresh before each performance by picking numbers from a hat. Fifteen seconds after the first dancer enters, the second will appear. Because someone else keeps entering every 15 seconds after that, dancers will always overlap unpredictably." — Robert La Fosse.
Robert La Fosse began his dance training in Beaumont, Texas, where he was born and raised. In 1977 he came to New York to study with David Howard at Harkness House and later that year joined American Ballet Theater, where he was quickly promoted to Principal Dancer. Mr. La Fosse joined New York City Ballet in 1986 as Principal Dancer. In addition to his work in classical ballet, Mr. La Fosse has appeared on Broadway in Bob Fosse's Dancin' and Jerome Robbins' Broadway. He began his work as a choreographer in 1985 and has created many works, ranging from Puss in Boots for the School of American Ballet, to Woodland Sketches, which was presented as part of the 1988 American Music Festival.
Eve Beglarian is a freelance composer and producer. She has had works commissioned by the American Dance Festival, the Washington Ballet, the New York New Music Ensemble, National Public Radio, Tisch School of the Arts, and Viking-Penguin Audio, among others. Her music has been performed by the California EAR Unit, Rel├Ęche, Dinosaur Annex, and many other respected ensembles and individuals in locations ranging from the Kennedy Center (Miranda's Kiss, May 1990; Overstepping, May 1991) to shopping centers around the country (Swatch Time Tunnel, 1988). Beglarian has collaborated with several of the most interesting choreographers including Ann Carlson (Your Face Here, 1988); Cydney Wilkes (Gizmo, 1989); and Monica Levy (The Explanation, 1990; Overstepping, 1991). Projects in 1992 included the release of Born Dancin' and Eloise on cassette; a piece for a nine-piece rock band called Machaut a GoGo, which was performed by Dadadah at CBGB's this spring; music for three Stephen King audiobooks (Needful Things, The Waste Lands, and Gerald's Game); and the beginning stages of work on an electronic opera based on the true life of a lesbian nun in Renaissance Italy. Ms. Beglarian holds degrees from Princeton and Columbia, produces records and audiobooks in addition to composing, and plays alto sax in the Big Apple Corps for fun and relaxation.

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May 27, 1992, The Diamond Project I, New York City Ballet, New York State Theater
Original Cast
Yvonne Borree, Stacey Calvert, Antonia Franceschi, Lauren Hauser, Rebecca Metzger, Jenifer Ringer, Kathleen Tracey, Albert Evans, Tom Gold, Robert La Fosse, Richard Marsden, Bruce Padgett, Ethan Stiefel, Todd Williams