Intermezzo No. 1

Choreography by: Eliot Feld

Music by: Johannes Brahms

Intermezzo No. 1 features three couples in festive ball attire, sweeping gracefully through alternating ensemble dances and duets. The dancers change tempo and mood from romantic waltzes to high-spirited quick steps, exhibiting the playfulness that is one of Eliot Feld’s trademarks

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Three Intermezzi for Piano, Op. 117, No. 2; Six Piano Pieces, Op. 118, No. 2; Waltzes for Piano, Op. 39 (all waltzes except Nos. 4 & 9)
June 29, 1969, Teatro Nuovo, Spoleto, Italy
NYC Ballet Premiere
April 29, 2006, New York State Theater
Original Cast
David Coll, Alfonso Figueroa, Elizabeth Lee, Christine Sarry, John Sowinski, Cristina Stirling

NYC Ballet Original Cast
Megan Fairchild, Jenifer Ringer, Rachel Rutherford, Robert Fairchild, Charles Askegard, Tyler Angl
35 min.