Ives, Songs

Choreography by: Jerome Robbins

Music by: Charles Ives

When Jerome Robbins choreographed Ives, Songs in 1988, he was in a period of retrospection, and he considered the ballet a “farewell piece” of sorts. The music of Charles Ives has a complicated emotional depth that appealed to Robbins, who fell in love with the composer’s remarkably diverse songs, which create a range of moods, from joy to nostalgia to dreaminess to despair. The ballet includes a solitary male character, who could be a stand-in for the composer observing the world he has created, or an outsider watching the goings-on in a small American town, or a man looking back over the important scenes of his life.

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"The Children's Hour", "Memories, Part A: Very Pleasant", "Waltz", "The Cage", "The See'r", "Two Little Flowers", "At the River", "Serenity", "He Is There!", "Elegie", "Tom Sails Away", "White Gulls", "Songs My Mother Taught Me", "There is a Lane", "In Summer Fields", "The Incantation", "Autumn", "Like a Sick Eagle", "Elégie"
February 4, 1988, New York City Ballet, New York State Theater
Original Cast
Heléne Alexopoulos, Stephanie Saland, Alexandre Proia, Jeppe Mydtskov, Laurence Matthews, Stacy Caddell, Katrina Killian, Margaret Tracey, Lauren Hauser, Melinda Roy, Lisa Jackson, Michael Byars, Tom Gold, Robert Lyon, Damian Woetzel, Philip Neal, Jeffrey Edwards, Florence Fitzgerald, Otto Neubert

41 Min.
Costumes by
Florence Klotz
Set by
David Mitchell
Lighting by
Jennifer Tipton