Choreography by: George Balanchine

Music by: Charles Ives

Choreographed to a series of orchestral pieces by Ives, this intensely theatrical ballet presents three scenes, each contrasting starkly from one another in mood, movement, and lighting.

Balanchine choreographed Ivesiana to a series of unrelated orchestral pieces by Charles Ives shortly after the composer’s death in 1954. The complex music of this American artist, incorporating extensive use of atonality, clashing meters and quarter-tones, had rarely been performed prior to its use in this ballet. The ballet is notable for an intense theatricality created through the juxtaposition of sections that contrast starkly in mood, movement, and lighting, each presenting a dramatic situation in the manner of a tone poem.

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Central Park in the Dark (1906), The Unanswered Question (1906), In the Inn (1904-06?), and In the Night (1906)
September 14, 1954, New York City Ballet, City Center of Music and Drama
Original Cast
Janet Reed, Francisco Moncion, Patricia Wilde, Jacques d'Amboise, Allegra Kent, Todd Bolender, Diana Adams, Herbert Bliss, Tanaquil Le Clercq

22 Min.
Lighting by
Jean Rosenthal; later by Ronald Bates (original production); Mark Stanley (current production)