Les Bosquets

Choreography by: JR, with additional choreography by Lil Buck and Peter Martins

Music by: Woodkid

NYCB brings 2014 Art Series collaborator JR on stage in the spring for a piece d'occasion conceived by the prize-winning artist, featuring original music by Woodkid and special guest Lil Buck in his Lincoln Center debut.

The ballet Les Bosquets is inspired by the French artist JR’s first project, “Portrait of a Generation.” In 2004 JR organized an exhibition on the walls of the Cité des Bosquets, a neighborhood of projects in the Parisian suburb of Clichy-Montfermeil. JR settled in the heart of this neighborhood where he took portraits of the local youth and then displayed them on their own buildings, as well as throughout the streets of Paris. It is in this same neighborhood where the 2005 French riots broke out, with JR’s portraits providing an unexpected visual backdrop as the events were documented by media outlets from around the world. Ten years after “Portrait of a Generation”, and set to an original score by the acclaimed musical artist Woodkid, Les Bosquets is JR’s interpretation of the riots, where an artist and a journalist first confront and then discover each other, against a backdrop of the police, the rioters, and the chaos that ensued.

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Les Bosquets. Commissioned by New York City Ballet (2014) and orchestrated by Bruno Bertoli.
April 29, 2014, New York City Ballet, David H. Koch Theater
Original Cast
Lauren Lovette, Lil' Buck+  (+ guest artist)

8 Min.
Costumes by
Marc Happel
Lighting by
Mark Stanley