Choreography by: Helgi Tomasson

Music by: Ludwig van Beethoven

Prism, set to an early Beethoven piano concerto, is a rich and vibrant three-part, neo-classical ballet for 28 dancers. The swiftly paced first movement for three sets of three dancers and an ensemble is filled with sprightly contrapuntal steps. A langorous second movement featuring a poetic pas de deux that is echoed by the section's background couples is followed by an exuberant final movement that is a showcase of male dancing. Prism was Mr. Tomasson's second work for New York City Ballet. In 1983 he created Ballet d'Isoline on the Company.

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Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 1
May 3, 2000, The Diamond Project IV, New York City Ballet, New York State Theater
Original Cast
Jared Angle, Jenifer Ringer, Jeroen Hofmans, Maria Kowroski, Charles Askegard, Benjamin Millepied

35 min.
Costumes by
Martin Pakledinaez
Lighting by
Mark Stanley