Songs of the Auvergne

Choreography by: Peter Martins

Music by: Arranged and orchestrated by Marie-Joseph Canteloube De Malaret

This large work for principal couple, ensemble of 12 dancers, 10 children and soprano evokes the color and atmosphere of the Auvergne region's unique and contradictory landscape of mountains, gorges, extinct volcanoes, verdant pastures and ruined castles. Also known as Chants d’Auvergne.

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13 French folk songs including "Bailèro", "Lou Coucut", "La Pastrouletta è Lou Chibaliè", "Hé! Beyla-z-y Dau Fé", "N'ai pas Iéu de Mio", "Lo Calhe", "Uno Jionto Postouro", "Malurous Qu'o Uno Fenno", "Brezairola", "Chut, Chut", "Lou Diziou Bé", "Pour l'Enfant", "L'Aio dè Rotso", "Ound'onorèn Gorda?", "Obal Din Lou Limouzi" (1923-1930)
February 6, 1986, New York City Ballet, New York State Theater
Original Cast
Heather Watts, Jock Soto
Singer: Frederica von Stade+ (+guest artist)

39 Min.
Costumes by
Alain Vaes
Set by
Alain Vaes
Lighting by
Ronald Bates