Telemann Overture Suite in E Minor

Choreography by: Melissa Barak

Music by: Georg Philipp Telemann

Two female soloists are accompanied by four male and eight female dancers in this ballet set to Telemann’s spirited Baroque music. On a bare stage and wearing simple, pale blue practice clothes, the dancers create formal patterns. The two lead dancers take turns with the corns, paralleling the interplay between the flute and strings. There are two bright solos to flute for the women. The more lyrical fourth movement features gracious partnering for two corps couples and a duet for two corps women. The ballet concludes with a lively gigue, danced by the entire cast.

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Overture Suite in E-minor (1736)
June 2, 2001, School of American Ballet, Juilliard Theater, New York
NYC Ballet Premiere
January 6, 2002, New York City Ballet, New York State Theater
Original Cast
Stephanie Sullivan, Carly Sebouhian

NYC Ballet Original Cast
Amanda Edge, Carrie Lee Riggins
Costumes by
Holly Hynes
Lighting by
Mark Stanley