Choreography by: Jiři Bubeniček

Music by: Otto Bubeniček

Toccata is the name given to a composition, usually for keyboard, featuring virtuoso passages to show off the musicians’ dexterity. In this case, it refers to the music composed by Otto Bubeníček for his twin brother, the choreographer Jiři Bubeníček, featuring musicians while showcasing the dancers. Two pianists, a violist and a cellist are each dimly spotlighted in a misty backdrop as seven dancers follow the insistent beat of their music. The interplay of three changing couples and a lone dancer portrays the varying emotions of romantic relationships, joyful to melancholy. Said Jiri Bubeníček of this ballet, "What I want to create is not just steps but feelings between people."

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Toccata for two pianos, viola and cello (2009)
May 13, 2009, New York City Ballet, David H. Koch Theater
Original Cast
Abi Stafford, Brittany Pollack, Megan Mann, Robert Fairchild, Craig Hall, David Prottas, Andrew Scordato

15 Min.
Costumes by
Otto Bubeníček, supervised by Marc Happel
Lighting by
Mark Stanley