Two's Company

Choreography by: Toni Pimble

Music by: Antonin Dvörak

"The title comes from the old expression 'two's company; three's a crowd'. I start out by showing three dancers as part of a large group. Then I take the soloists out of the group. Eventually, only two will be left. Much of the choreography is classical, but I'm also using some contemporary floor work." — Toni Pimble

String Quartet in F Major consists of four movements and Ms. Pimble has choreographed to the first two. The first movement, allegro ma non troppo (fast, but not too fast), expresses a light-hearted and playful mood. It features an airy principal theme and concludes energetically. The second movement, lento (slowly) is characterized by a plaintive, soaring violin melody that expresses longing and desire, as well as inner happiness.

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String Quartet in F major, Op. 96 ("The American", 1st and 2nd movements) (1893)
May 30, 1992, The Diamond Project I, New York City Ballet, New York State Theater
Original Cast
Stephanie Saland, Peter Boal, Jeffrey Edwards

Costumes by
Holly Hynes
Lighting by
Mark Stanley