Voices (New Ratmansky)

Choreography by: Alexei Ratmansky

Music by: Peter Ablinger

Set to six excerpts from experimental composer Peter Ablinger’s "Voices and Piano", all featuring recorded speech by notable women with accompanying solo piano, Ratmansky’s newest ballet for NYCB features character-rich and technically demanding solos for ten dancers.

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Selections from Voices and Piano, featuring the voices of Bonnie Barnett, Forough Farrokhzad, Setsuko Hara, Agnes Martin, Nina Simone, and Gjendine SlÄlien
Original Cast
Sara Mearns, Megan Fairchild, Unity Phelan, Georgina Pazcoguin, Lauren Lovette, Ask la Cour, Joseph Gordon, Adrian Danchig-Waring, Roman Mejia, Andrew Veyette

25 min
Costumes by
Keso Dekker
Set by
Keso Dekker
Lighting by
Mark Stanley