Choreography by: Jerome Robbins

Music by: Teiji Ito

Robbins' epic ballet Watermill is a meditative work that explores the transformative nature of time.

The score of Watermill stems mainly from the religious and theatrical music of Asia. It features the Shakuhachi, a bamboo flute used in the 13th century in Japan, played mainly by Zen Buddhist priests whose compositions for the instrument still survive. The majority of these musical-religious works are contemplative evocations of nature and the seasons.

The ballet itself is influenced by the music and theater of the East; however, its world, people, and events are not construed as Oriental.

—Jerome Robbins, 1972

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Watermill (1971)
February 3, 1972, New York City Ballet, New York State Theater
Original Cast
Edward Villella, Penny Dudleston, Colleen Neary, Tracy Bennett, Victor Castelli, Hermes Conde, Bart Cook, Jean-Pierre Frohlich, Deni Lamont, Robert Maiorano

59 Min.
Costumes by
Patricia Zipprodt
Set by
Jerome Robbins in association with David Reppa
Lighting by
Jennifer Tipton