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Inside the Repertory

  • Russell Janzen on GLASS PIECES

    As dancer Russell Janzen notes, Jerome Robbins’ Glass Pieces may be an abstract ballet with an experimental score by Phillip Glass, yet it’s also rooted in the real world, especially the feeling of driving, pulsing undercurrents found just by walking through New York City.

  • Megan LeCrone on Balanchine's AGON

    Megan LeCrone talks about her special relationship with George Balanchine's AGON and why the ballet is still as radical today as it was in 1957.


    Principal Dancer Jared Angle talks about finding new ways of moving and exploring his modern side in Peter Martins' BARBER VIOLIN CONCERTO

  • Ashley Laracey on George Balanchine's CONCERTO BAROCCO

    Soloist Ashley Laracey talks about what makes the corps of NYC Ballet so unique - and shares their special pre-show ritual - in this behind-the-scenes look at one of Balanchine's most iconic ballets.

  • Teresa Reichlen on Balanchine's WESTERN SYMPHONY

    Principal dancer Teresa Reichlen takes us behind the scenes of her rehearsal process for the iconic ballerina role in Western Symphony, and talks about how Balanchine's love for America comes across in this fun, charming ballet set in the Wild West.

  • Georgina Paczoguin and Andrew Veyette on WEST SIDE STORY SUITE

    Georgina Pazcoguin, who plays Anita, and Andrew Veyette, who plays Riff, discuss how Jerome Robbins created a suite of dances from his hit Broadway show for New York City Ballet; why "West Side Story" still matters; and how ballet dancers handle the pressure of singing live to Leonard Bernstein's iconic score.

  • Tiler Peck on Balanchine's TSCHAIKOVSKY PAS DE DEUX

    Principal Dancer Tiler Peck talks about taking risks and learning to trust herself in Balanchine's high energy crowd pleaser set to extra music from Tschaikovsky's Swan Lake

  • Daniel Ulbricht on Balanchine's TARANTELLA

    NYCB Principal Dancer Daniel Ulbricht describes how George Balanchine turned an Italian folk dance based on a myth about spiders into a six minute powerhouse of a ballet.

  • Ashley Bouder on Balanchine's SERENADE

    Principal Dancer Ashley Bouder talks about why dancing Serenade is amazing for both the corps and the principals, and why Balanchine's first ballet in America is still relevant today.

  • Jared Angle on Jerome Robbins' MOVES

    Principal dancer Jared Angle talks about how dancing in silence intensifies his connection to the audience and his fellow dancers in Moves, the only ballet in the repertory without music.

  • Lauren Lovette on George Balanchine's RAYMONDA VARIATIONS

    Principal Dancer Lauren Lovette talks about battling nerves and bringing out her lyrical side in Balanchine's Raymonda Variations.