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All Balanchine I

SEPT 26, 27, 28, OCT 3

Approx. 2 hours


Balanchine’s deep affection for his adopted home animates this program of ballets all set to American music. Western Symphony is a vivacious suite of dances taking inspiration from the mythical Wild West. A similarly buoyant spirit infuses Stars and Stripes, with Balanchine seamlessly wedding classical steps with the rhythmic marches of John Philip Sousa, orchestrated by Hershey Kay. Tarantella employs a sprightly piece of music by Louis Moreau Gottschalk for a zesty and playful pas de deux that never fails to delight. Rounding out the program is The Unanswered Question from Ivesiana, a hypnotically alluring dance that captures the haunting, otherworldly music of Charles Ives.

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