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Stravinsky Festival III

MAY 10, 11, 14 eve, 15

Approximately 2 hr 16 min

Neoclassical Brilliance Rooted in Antiquity

The wit and humor of Stravinsky’s Suite No. 2 for Small Orchestra, arrangements the composer made of his piano exercises for young musicians, belie the complexity and innovation that would come to characterize his work. Balanchine’s expert ability to choreograph in counterpoint to Stravinsky’s dynamic inventiveness is particularly evident in this now-classic trilogy of ballets inspired by Greek mythology and concepts. The oldest of their collaborations, Apollo presents the young god’s ascension with streamlined simplicity; Orpheus recounts the doomed hero’s tale of descent into the Underworld to retrieve his beloved Eurydice; and Agon personifies the Greek word for ‘struggle’ with its ever-contemporary athletic competitiveness.

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