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Stravinsky Festival IV

MAY 12, 13, 14 mat

Approximately 2 hr 2 min

A Striking Display of the Myriad Creative Possibilities Inspired by Stravinsky’s Body of Work

A smorgasbord of works from the Company’s founding choreographers highlights the creative possibility of Stravinsky’s multifaceted output. Set to Stravinsky’s symphonic suite of the same name, Balanchine’s plotless Divertimento from ‘Le Baiser de la Fée’ conveys a sense of both playfulness and foreboding with its fleet choreography. Inspired by the Concerto in D for String Orchestra’s dramatic intensity, Robbins crafted The Cage, a boundary-breaking tale of the violent actions of a “Novice” in a female-centric, cult-like hive of insects. Balanchine’s admiration for Stravinsky’s music finds its ultimate expression in Duo Concertant, in which the leotard-clad couple shares the stage with the violin and piano, and in Rubies, a dazzling work set to Stravinsky’s jazzy Capriccio for Piano and Orchestra.

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