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All Tschaikovsky

JAN 28, 30, FEB 2, 4, 5 eve, 9

A Radiant Display of the Prodigious Composer’s Multi-Faceted Presence in NYCB’s Repertory

Two Balanchine ballets join one by Robbins, in a progression from the elegiac, to the romantic, to the resplendent. Balanchine’s late work Mozartiana is among his most serenely beautiful dances, with its meditative mood and elegant black costuming. For his Andantino, Robbins choreographed a charming pas de deux infused with effortless drama to the shimmering second movement of Tschaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1. And Diamonds, the concluding section of Jewels, is an opulent display of classicism paying tribute to the golden age of the Russian ballet.

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