Herman Schmerman

Choreography by: William Forsythe

Music by: Thom Willems (commissioned for The Diamond Project)

Forsythe’s angular, contemporary choreography, paired with an electronic score by his long-time collaborator Thom Willems, is on full display in the first complete staging of this ballet in over two decades.

In conversation about Herman Schmerman, Mr. Forsythe has said, "I first heard that phrase ['Herman Schmerman'] used by Steve Martin in the film Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid. I think it's a lovely title that means nothing. The ballet means nothing, too. It's a piece about dancing that will be a lot of fun. It's just five talented dancers dancing around — and that's good, isn't it?" This ballet is the second work New York City Ballet has commissioned from Mr. Forsythe, as is the electronic score from composer Thom Willems.

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May 28, 1992, The Diamond Project I, New York City Ballet, New York State Theater
Original Cast
Kyra Nichols, Margaret Tracey, Wendy Whelan, Jeffrey Edwards, Ethan Stiefel

25 min.
Costumes by
Gianni Versace
Lighting by
Mark Stanley