Valse Fantaisie

Choreography by: George Balanchine

Music by: Mikhail Glinka

This brief but captivating ballet finds a principal couple and a corps de ballet of four women in a whirl of perpetual motion set to Glinka’s swooning melodies.

The current version of Valse-Fantaisie was originally presented by New York City Ballet in 1967 as the second section of Glinkiana, which was choreographed to four different compositions of Glinka. Balanchine had choreographed to the Valse-Fantaisie on two other occasions: in 1931 for one of Sir Oswald Stoll’s Variety Shows in London, and in 1953 for New York City Ballet. The music, roughly contemporaneous with Chopin’s waltzes, is fast and light, although it was popularly called the Melancholy Waltz.

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Valse-Fantaisie for Piano (1839), (orchestrated 1845, re-orchestrated 1856)
June 1, 1969, New York City Ballet, New York State Theater
Original Cast
Suki Schorer, John Prinz

9 min.
Costumes by
Esteban Francés
Set by
Esteban Francés
Lighting by
Esteban Francés