Choreography by: Jerome Robbins

Music by: Igor Stravinsky

The captivating suspense of Stravinsky’s score, at times swelling, at others intricately layered, accompanies a trio of dancers and their compelling connectivity.

Robbins choreographed a ballet titled Four Chamber Works for the 1982 Stravinsky Centennial celebration. Five unrelated chamber works were incorporated into a four-part ballet; the third section, Concertino, choreographed to two of these pieces of music, is now performed separately.

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Concertino (for Twelve Instruments) (originally for string quartet, 1920; orchestrated for 12 instruments in 1952); Three Pieces (for Clarinet Solo) (1919)
June 16, 1982, New York City Ballet, Stravinsky Festival, New York State Theater
Original Cast
Merrill Ashley, Sean Lavery, Mel Tomlinson

12 Min.
Lighting by
Ronald Bates