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New York City Ballet, one of the foremost ballet companies in the world, pursues the highest levels of artistic excellence and innovation.

Therefore, we seek to attract, retain, and cultivate the most talented dancers, musicians, designers, stage technicians, and arts administrators. To this end, we are deeply committed to creating and sustaining an organizational culture that values diversity, inclusion, and equity.

We are inspired by our founders, George Balanchine and Lincoln Kirstein, who envisioned an authentically American expression of ballet with a company that reflects the rich cultural diversity of this nation. In pursuit of their vision, we are committed to educating, developing, and supporting an organization that embodies diversity in its many forms.

New York City Ballet will be a field-wide leader known for artistic and organizational excellence, innovation, and inclusion on stage and in all the spaces where we work. Our widely diverse community of employees and volunteers will be supported, valued, and free to contribute to the mission of this organization. We will live by our core values, foster creativity, seek challenge for growth, and hold ourselves accountable to our highest aspirations for a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization.

Our Vision

Core Values

We Are More Powerful Together
Ballet is an inherently collaborative art form. To sustain the cohesiveness required to achieve our organizational vision, the entire NYCB community is committed to operating with mutual respect, honesty, trust, integrity, clear communication, encouragement, empathy, a can-do attitude, and a collaborative spirit. We will intentionally create space for meaningful, engaged conversations in all the venues where we work.

We Embrace Organizational Excellence
We embrace the highest standards of organizational excellence in the field of ballet. As we honor the legacies of George Balanchine, Lincoln Kirstein, and Jerome Robbins, we value a strong work ethic both on and off stage; dedication to the ballet art form; the highest levels of professional and personal integrity; and shared accountability among ourselves and our stakeholders. We acknowledge, support, and recognize all individuals who bring their best to New York City Ballet.

We Are Committed to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
We are deeply committed to cultivating and sustaining an organization that is equitable, fair, and inclusive in artistic expression and organizational behavior, policy, and practice. We embrace multicultural diversity both on and off stage and strive to be an organization where all communities feel a sense of belonging. We hold each other and ourselves accountable to these intentions every day.

We Have a Duty to Inspire and Serve
We value relevance and we bring passion, innovation, inspiration, and imagination to the art form of ballet. Our work must elevate the spirits of artists, audiences, donors, administrators, and all those who engage with the Company to participate in the life of this art form.