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March – June 2021

Program Components

  • Eight movement-based workshops
  • Teacher professional development session
  • NYCB student matinee performance
  • Virtual or in-school program options

$500 per class


Encourage your students to explore dance as a form of communication through the integration of writing and movement activities. Participating classes write their own story and work with a NYCB Teaching Artist to transform their written words to movement over the course of eight movement-based workshops that can be adapted for in-school or remote learning.

Students focus on the importance of elements such as character, setting, and plot in both writing and dance. Ballet Tales contributes to a greater understanding of how storytelling through dance can transcend the components of text, movement, and music, and culminates in a performance of student choreographed work. Participating classes attend a live performance at Lincoln Center.

Bring NYCB to Your School

"My students learned to better work together, combine ideas, and the importance of compromising all through the residency, from brainstorming to finalizing the story to choosing the dance moves to deciding their costumes. I saw a big change in the ways in which they communicate with one another and showing better listening and teamwork skills."

2nd Grade Teacher, Brooklyn

A look at Ballet Tales