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For the 2017 Art Series, Santtu Mustonen combined abstract, handcrafted visual imagery with new technology.

His installation took advantage of the Koch Theater’s towering height and multiple vantage points, resulting a large-scale video installation created from a series of original, digitally altered paintings produced especially for New York City Ballet.

NYCB Art Series Presents: Santtu Mustonen

Santtu Mustonen joins New York City Ballet for the fifth presentation of Art Series, which welcomes contemporary artists to our Lincoln Center home.

Santtu Mustonen is a Finnish artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. He is interested in visualizing the emotions of suspense, excitement, distortion, and the surreal through painting, movement and new technologies. Organic patterns, natural science, and movement inspire his work, which combines handcrafted and analog textures in a digital space. He animates various paintings and visual imagery by using digital tools to alter the space and sense of motion within his dynamic pieces.